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My love of art started as a child and I can honestly put it down to sibling rivalry. My older sister would draw horses beautifully and, like most younger siblings, I wanted whatever my older sister had - in this case, her talent!  

We didn’t have computers and mobile phones, or even TV in our early years. We were given paper and pencils to keep us occupied and made good use of them.  My junior school teacher once looked at a tiny picture I’d painted on a school trip and said, ‘Ann, you have a gift – don’t hide it under a bushel. I didn’t have a clue what that meant but I will always remember that day as being the first time I felt I was actually good at something.

I am an entirely self-taught artist working mainly in soft pastels and pastel pencils and I love detail and realism. My inspiration comes from nature and animals although I’ll accept a challenge now and again and paint other subjects if requested.

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